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3M wheel cleaner, wheel wax, tire shine, tire dressing, armor all for tiresInside The Wheel & Tire Care Guide Report
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Cleaning your wheels and tires getting you down?

They spend their entire lives rolling in a continuous circle, eating pavement, slamming into potholes, and being twisted and distorted within an inch of their lives. Isn't it time you paid some attention to your wheels and tires? Don't you owe it to them to take care of them in return for the thousands of miles of reliable service?

Wheels may very well be the most misunderstood components on a vehicle. People don't pay much attention to them until there's a problem, which can lead to serious repercussions if not properly addressed. Don't fall victim to this common phenomena. It's time you started taking proper care of your wheels and tires.

How often do you clean your wheels? Do you clean the wheels when they're cold or warm? Are you using a cleaner that's compatible with your wheel's finish? Are you sure that your cleaner is safe for your wheels? What about your tire dressing? Tired of it slinging all over the place? Tired of it turning brown? Check out our suggestions for better tire dressing techniques:

armor all wheel and tire cleaner. tire dressing
(Taken from page 83 of the Wheel & Tire Care Guide)

The Wheel & Tire Care Guide is a 96-page definitive report on all things wheel related. Our editors and staff carefully tested and evaluated 104 products - a monumental task by itself. They share this invaluable information in a format and manner that is quick and easily comprehendible. Readers of past reports are familiar with our ability to present a tremendous amount of information into a concise format that's easy to follow and understand.

Along with the incredible amount of product information there are dozens of pages of tips and tricks, answers to frequently asked questions and invaluable wheel and tire care guides. You'll learn about tire and wheel care than you ever thought possible. Take a look at some of our tips for proper wheel care:

p21s wheel cleaner. Meguiar's wheel cleaner, Mothers wheel cleaner, Turtle wax
(Taken from page 89 of the Wheel & Tire Care Guide)

These are just a few examples of the countless tips and tricks you'll find in our report. Don't waste another minute with inefficient cleaning techniques - the helpful how-to's alone are worth the price of our report! Continue to page two of the Wheel & Tire Care Guide Report Tour...

zymol wheel cleaner, formula 2001 by turtle wax for cleaning your tires and wheels

The Wheel & Tire Care Guide Special Report - Click here to buy it now!
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