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Inside The Radar Detector Test Report - Coming Soon!

Speed traps slowing down your style?

How many speeding tickets have you received in the past 10 years? One? Two? None? In a recent poll, it was discovered that nearly 58% of all Americans have received at least one speeding ticket. Traffic radar is becoming more and more prevalent and is becoming more difficult to track and detect.

Forget what you think you know about radar detectors. Guru Reports is putting more than half-a-dozen of the world's best radar and laser detectors to the test, all to determine which ones work and which ones don't. By enlisting the help of engineers, certified police radar instructors and various industry authorities, this may prove to be the most interesting Guru Report ever - The Radar Detector Test.

The Gurus have purchased radar and laser detectors from companies like BEL, Cobra, Escort, Whistler, Uniden and Valentine One. They've also rounded up a group of laser jammers and will address the legal issues associated with using them.

The test will also include information about vehicle accessories such as performance accelerometers.

This is one report you can't afford to miss. The Gurus will put the whole radar detector drama to rest with their definitive report, due to be released in late 2004. Stay tuned and until then, stay alert!

Just some of the Radar Detectors to be tested.
Valentine OneWhistler 1780Lidatek Laser Jammer
Uniden LRD 987Escort Passport SR7BEL Express 936
K40 Laser DefuserRocky Mountain Radar D-312Escort Passport 8500
BEL Vector 990K40 RD850Cobra ESD-9850
Rocky Mountain Radar Phazer II Laser Jammer/detectorBEL 890and more...

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