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windex, clean windshields, clean windows, no streaksInside The Glass Cleaner Test Report
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We do windows.

Raise your hand if you hate cleaning windows. Ok, hands down. We received so many e-mails and phone calls from frustrated det
ailers that we just had to conduct a Glass Cleaner Test. Everyone seems to hate cleaning their windows, so they suffer with streaky, hazy, blurry glass.

But dirty glass isn't just annoying - it can be dangerous. That hazy film can interfere with your vision, especially at night when headlight glare reflects off the film. A quality glass cleaner, when used properly will remove that film lickity-split. Our report will not only tell you which product should work best, it'll help teach you a cleaning technique that'll keep the glass clean and free of streaks.

Don't believe us? Take a look at one of our tips and tricks - a reader from Oregon wrote to complain about how difficult it was to clean the inside corners of his windshield, and wanted to know if we had any ideas. One of our editors came up with an ingenious idea:

windex, turtle wax, ZEP, armor all, P21S glass cleaner
(Taken from page 4 of the Glass Cleaner Test Special Report)

But that's just one of many ideas, tips and tricks that we share with you in Guru Reports: The Glass Cleaner Test. With more than a dozen pages of helpful information including a 2-page article on glass polishing, 3-pages of answers to your frequently asked questions and the 5-Simple Tricks for Clean Glass, you'll be sure to start seeing things clearly in no time.

Click on the photo below for a closer look at some of our 5-Simple Tricks for Clean Glass:

reviews and ratings of auto glass cleaning products for detailing
(Taken from page 28 of the Glass Cleaner Test Special Report)

We think you'll be surprised at how easy it is to achieve clean glass once you read our report. The tips and tricks are worth the price of admission alone! Continue to page two of the Glass Cleaner Test Report Tour...

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