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Monday, March 5, 2004

Guru Reports Announces Winners in
"Wheel & Tire Care Comparison Test"

VIENNA, VA (March 5, 2004) JUMP Media Group - Guru Reports®, a subsidiary of JUMP Media Group, announced the results of its comprehensive comparison test of 101 automotive wheel and tire care products. Armor All and Eagle One earned Guru Reports' top designation of "Best in Class," while several other companies took home "Editors Choice" honors, including: 3M, Eimann Fabrik, P21S and Zaino Brothers.

The Guru Reports Wheel & Tire Care and Cleaning Comparison Test offers consumers a comprehensive set of practical, impartial and unbiased test results comparing 101 wheel and tire care products. The test is divided into 4 categories: Tire Cleaners, Wheel Cleaners, Tire Dressings and One-Step Wheel and Tire Cleaning products.

Guru Reports Publisher, Charles Romero said, "A person's automobile is generally the second largest purchase they make. People want to know how to protect their investment and take care of their car." Romero continued, "We know that our comparison tests are having a dramatic impact on the automotive industry and we hope that we can continue to help consumers and manufacturers alike."

The extensive product comparison measured the effectiveness of 41 wheel and tire cleaning products, 54 tire dressing products, and 6 one-step wheel & tire cleaning products across a dozen criteria including: cleaning, protection and bang for the buck.

Earning the top spot in the Guru Reports Tire Cleaner category were two products from Eagle One: Eagle One All Wheel Cleaner A2Z and Eagle One Tire Cleaner. The Gurus reported the Eagle One products safely removed stubborn grime and left tires clean and black.

In the Wheel Cleaning category, it was Eagle One All Wheel Cleaner A2Z that took home top honors, and in doing so, became the first product ever reviewed by Guru Reports to earn a Best in Class award in two categories. "Eagle One's product offered excellent bang for the buck and delivered consistently high marks for its performance." said Steve Litscher, Editor-in-Chief of Guru Reports.

Armor All Original edged out the 53 other tire dressings to take home a Best in Class award from the Gurus. "Armor All did a terrific job with their latest formula. It's a great value," said Litscher.

Earning the Best in Class award for One-Step products was Armor All Detailer's Advantage Tire Foam.

The Guru Reports Wheel & Tire Care and Cleaning Comparison Test is the most comprehensive report on tire care products ever conducted. With 101 products tested and compared, the report presents vital information that every vehicle owner can benefit from. It includes dozens of tips, tricks and proven techniques to save the consumer time and money. Other comparison tests available are "The Automotive Glass Cleaner Test" and "The Car Wax Test." Comparison testing has begun for "The Radar Detector Test" and "The SUV Test." Reports are available online at or by calling 1-866-893-9852.


Founded in 1997, Jump Media Group publishes Guru Reports® and Roadfly™. Guru Reports is an independent consumer advocacy magazine, which provides reviews, and test comparisons of automotive related products. Roadfly™ (, "The Net's #1 automotive resource for buyers and owners" is an online automotive magazine providing research and resources for car, truck and SUV buyers and owners. JMG is located at 2106 F Gallows Rd., Vienna, VA 22182. Telephone: 703-893-9852.



Charlie Romero
Guru Reports

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